St. Edmund’s Nursery School offers young children an outstanding learning environment and an excellent foundation for future academic, social, and spiritual development.  We emphasize basic skills, values, manners and an inclusive religious curriculum while nurturing knowledgeable, responsible, and caring children.

I feel so blessed to have found St. Edmund’s Nursery School. I love that my son, Kean, is welcomed each morning with a warm smile from our amazing Head of School who welcomes every child by name. I love knowing that the teachers treasure each and every student for their own uniqueness. I love the playground with that marvelous play structure and the adorable old-fashioned bicycles. I love all of the fun activities such as the Fall Festival and Pow-Wow as well as visits from the Reptile Lady and the sea creatures from the Aquarium of the Pacific. I love that the school brings in experts to evaluate our children’s vision, hearing and speech. I love that the children sing songs ranging from Grand Ol’ Flag to Halloween songs to songs about friendship. Most of all, I love that, when I pick up Kean from school, he is full of excitement, and beaming with joy from another exciting adventure called school!
Parent of a Child
When I drive-up for pick up (which is a beautiful piece in itself when other siblings are involved) and my son says, ‘Mom, can you go away and come back later?’  Just confirms that we have chosen the PERFECT nursery school for our four-year old.  He absolutely loves school and asks just about every night if tomorrow is a St. Edmund’s Day.  Not only is he having fun with his friends and coming home with very cool art projects, St. Edmunds provides a nourishing, safe, Christian and academic environment.  We are taken back when he asks to lead prayer at meal time and the things he comes home knowing is just flat-out impressive.  Who knew that a four-year old could write their own name, identify (almost) all letters, cut with scissors, understands adding simple numbers, colors in the lines, endless facts about bats, owls, planting, the solar system, Native Americans, Baby Jesus and the list goes on and on.  Mrs. Porter and the teachers do an amazing job with the children and we just could not be more pleased with the program.   We can’t wait for little brother to start at St. Edmunds and experience the magical place that warms our hearts daily!
Current 2013-2014 Parent of a child in our MWF Four Year Old Class
I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the time, care and attention you give to my son.  He has transitioned well, in part thanks to your assistance.  Each morning he is greeted with your energy, games and songs.  When I get him to talk about things that went on at school, he is enthusiastic and happy.  I love how he has picked up the little songs Mrs. Norman and you have worked on.
Parent of a child

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