2019-2020 St. Edmund’s Nursery School Board:  Pictured:  (front row, from left) Jessica Davis, Liz Westphal, Carolina Kokoris, Jennifer Fong, (back row, from left) Michelle Sutton-Stowell, Jill Lynn, Nicole Lamb, Jamie Zapata, Judy Kim, Laura Repstad, Lindsay Wyman and Megan Mastroianni

New 2019-2020 Board Members

Rector: The Reverend Dr. William Doggett
Head of School: Liz Westphal
Board Chair: Jessica Davis
Treasurer: Megan Mastroianni
Assistant Treasurer: Judy Kim
Secretary: Jamie Zapata
Special Events/Room Mother Coordinator: Laura Repstad
Major Fundraising: Jill Lynn
Publicity/Personnel: Lyndsay Wyman
Hospitality: Nicole Lamb
Enrichment: Jennifer Fong
Buildings and Grounds: Michelle Sutton Stowell
Long Range Planning: Amanda Wade
Vestry Representative: Debra Spaulding
Director of Youth Ministries: The Reverend Heather Blackstone