Pictured: Back Row (left to right): Head of School Darlene Porter, Lisa Gillison, Wendy Watson, Laura Repstad, Christina Comer, Debra Spaulding, Karen Stoteraux, Dana Laugharn
Front Row (left to right): Amber Zelenay, Jenny Kaw, Annelise Lin, Joy Majich, Board Chair Shigemi Pang
Not pictured: Ann Athey

Board Members

Rector: The Reverend Canon George F. Woodward III
Darlene Porter: Head of School
Shigemi Pang: Board Chair
Annelise Lin: Treasurer
Jenny Kaw: Assistant Treasurer
Laura Repstad: Secretary
Lisa Gillison: Special Events/Room Mother Coordinator
Wendy Watson: Major Fundraising
Karen Stoteraux: Minor Fundraising
Joy Majich: Publicity/Personnel
Dana Laugharn: Hospitality
Ann Athey: Enrichment
Amber Zelaney: Buildings and Grounds
Christina Comer: Long Range Planning
Vestry Representative: Debra Spaulding
Director of Youth Ministries: The Reverend Heather Blackstone