St. Edmund’s Nursery School was established in 1957 by parishioners eager to provide a caring, Christian environment for the educational formation and nurture of young children.  St. Edmund’s Nursery School has a well-balanced curriculum providing opportunity for both structured and developmentally appropriate activities.

Children are grouped into classes by age, and class sizes are kept small.   The three-year old classes are offered on Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday staffed with two teachers and one assistant.  Children are placed in small groups of eight for learning time to provide for individualized instruction.  The four year old classes are offered Monday/Wednesday/Friday or five days for the older four year old children and are staffed with one teacher and one assistant.  We are also proud to offer a five day Pre-Kindergarten class for children turning five by December 2nd.

During a typical morning at St. Edmund’s, each child is exposed to a variety of activities and opportunities.  Arts and crafts and exploration with manipulative toys, scissors and other tactile objects are used to develop fine motor skills.  Large muscle coordination is enhanced through outside play on bikes and climbing equipment and through our very interactive music program.  Children have the opportunity to engage in dramatic play in both organized and informal settings while playing in the school playhouse or at thematic centers in the classroom.  During instructional and free-choice time, teachers engage students in discussions about how things work and grow.  Lessons are often reinforced by cooking in the classroom, science experiments and utilizing the campus grounds.  In addition, every morning the students attend music class with our on-site music director where they dance, play instruments and learn new songs.

Most importantly, the children spend their morning in a warm, affirming atmosphere with experienced teachers who can help them understand more about their world, their classmates, and themselves.