Check out the list to know when you should see the doctor and get a consultation about the probability of continuation of taking Xenical:• Oil discharge from the rectum;• Gassing;• Urgency to defecate and increased frequency of defecation;• Steatorrhea;• Fecal incontinence;• Orange or brown oily discharge in the stool. The above changes in the normal stool are the natural result of blocking fat, which indicate that Xenical works properly. Generally, these effects occur in the first 3 months of using the medication, when the fat content in nutrition is over 30%.
St. Edmund’s is a mid-size Episcopal Church serving the Pasadena area. Our services are traditional and flexible, focused on the reverent worship of Almighty God through strong liturgy and music leavened with good humor and welcoming community. We hope to serve you and yours in the Name of our gracious God and Savior.

Interim Rector, The Reverend Dr. William Doggett

St. Edmund’s Nursery School together with St. Edmund’s Church is delighted to welcome The Reverend Heather Blackstone who has joined the staff of St. Edmund’s Church as the full-time Director of Youth Ministries. Reverend Heather and her husband, Antonio Bartolome, have one son Alipio. Reverend Heather is thrilled to be at St. Edmund’s where she can focus on youth education and the spiritual development of our children here at SENS.

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